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Many of our Washington State military divorce clients are concerned and confused about the issue of child support.  This is very understandable.  Washington State Child Support Guidelines can be confusing to say the least.  Although there are a few tools available from the government to get some basic information about your child support obligations, most of it is pretty general.

Here is a somewhat useful tool for getting a very rough idea of what your Washington State child support might look like:  Washington State Child Support Schedule and Worksheet Calculator.  In some respects, calculating child support here in Washington is really a matter of just doing the math and crunching the numbers.  As a general rule, child support is calculated based on each party's relative incomes.

The difficulties and complications generally arise, however, because there are many, many other small factors beyond the parties' income that can add up to have a significant overall impact on the final calculation.  Our military child support lawyers serve the entire Greater Puget Sound Region, including the following military bases:  Joint Base Lewis McChord, Fort Lewis, McChord AFB, Everett Naval Station, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and Whidbey Island Naval Air Station.

Washington State's child support laws are complicated.

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Child Support is an important issue in many of our military divorce cases.

As part of any military divorce action involving children, the law requires that child support be established. Usually the parent with whom the children are residing a majority of the time shall receive child support from the other parent. The courts are required to use statutory guidelines to calculate child support. Part of that calculation is to determine the income of both parents.

The court’s goal is to make sure that during and after the divorce the financial needs of the children are met. Our military divorce attorneys have represented parents required to pay support and parents receiving support and can help you to understand these difficult financial issues.

As the parent paying support to want an attorney who can make sure your obligation is accurately calculated or you could be paying more than required leaving you with inadequate funds for your household. As the parent receiving support, you want to make sure that the support is accurate and that you have adequate funds to provide for the everyday needs of the children.

The parties’ income is an important factor in the child support calculation.

Determining the income of the parents can be complicated. Aspects of military pay can make that determination even more complicated. You want an attorney who understands the aspects of military pay. Our military divorce attorneys have experience calculating child support for active, reservist and retired military parents. We understand that BAH, BAS and special pay may be used to determine income and calculate support.
A change in pay after the divorce is a factor that should not be overlooked.

Another important factor in military support matters is the difference between income during the divorce and income once the divorce is over. Your BAH or the BAH of your spouse, may change after the divorce. If the same BAH is used to calculate support during the divorce and after the divorce, it can lead to an inaccurate calculation. Let one of our experienced military attorneys help you with the final calculation of child support.

Child support also includes payment of child related expenses.

Determination of child support is not just limited to the transfer payment but also includes payment of certain child related expenses. Parents may be ordered to pay their proportional share of daycare, long distance travel and extracurricular activities. A miscalculation of child can lead to a miscalculation of each parent’s share of these expenses as well. Our military divorce attorneys can help you understand your obligation for these additional expenses.

Our military divorce attorneys can answer your child support questions.

Our attorneys understand that your military divorce can be a difficult process and child support is one of the complicated issues of the process. Call our firm and speak with one of our military divorce attorneys today about your child support questions. Our firm offers a ten percent discount on fees or military personnel or military spouses.