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Military Divorce In Washington State

Disability pay is a complicated issue in any Washington State divorce. Our family law lawyers will help you understand your legal rights and obligations.

Military disability pay can be a contentious issue in your Washington divorce.

We're here to help.

A military divorce can be a scary and confusing life changing experience.  The choices that you make will have a lasting impact on you and your family.   Our military family law attorneys want to help you make the best decisions that you can by arming your with knowledge of the critical aspects of the law.  Many Washington State divorce cases involve a variety issues including support, custody, assets and debts.  One issue that can be part of a military divorce is disability pay which is received by one spouse.

Military disability pay is a complicated matter and when divorce is part of the picture it becomes even more complicated and confusing.  The issues in a military divorce are complex and can feel burdensome.  Adding military disability pay to the scenario can make it completely overwhelming.  Our armed services lawyers can assist you in exploring the complicated issues created by you or your spouse receiving military disability.

Military disability pay can affect a variety of issues in a divorce case.

Military disability is governed by Federal law; however, a divorce is governed by Washington law.  The court may be able to consider your military disability pay as income and that may affect child support or spousal maintenance. Regardless of the nature of injury, or how it occurred, your disability may affect the pension payments received by both parties.

All of these matters need to be carefully addressed as part of the divorce action.  Let our military divorce attorneys work with you in your military divorce and ease the confusion.  Our armed services attorneys are skilled and knowledgeable about disability pay and have experience with the Washington courts regarding disability pay and divorce.

Our military divorce lawyers can answer your disability questions.

Our attorneys understand that your military divorce can be an arduous process and disability pay can be one of the thorny issues of the process.   Call our firm and speak with one of our divorce professionals today about your disability pay and pension questions. 

Don't let a military injury or disability negatively impact your divorce.  We can help ensure that your case is handled properly and that you are treated fairly by the Washington State divorce court handling your matter.

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