Information on Military Divorce

Washington State

Helpful information and useful resources about pursuing a divorce while in the military.

There is a lot of useful information available on the web about obtaining a military divorce.  We would caution you, however, not to believe everything you read.  In developing this informational page, we visited hundreds of sites purporting to provide information about the issues involved in pursing a Washington State military divorce. 

Many of the sites only provided general information.  This is because every state has its own unique divorce laws.  And, Washington is no exception.  What makes many military divorce and family law cases complicated is that they typically involve both state and federal law.

This legal intersection can make it difficult to predict exactly how a Washington State judge or commissioner is going to view a certain set of facts.  As a result, it's important to find an attorney who no only knows the law but also local county rules.  They should also have some familiarity with the local judiciary.

Every military family law case is unique.

This page was researched and designed to provide useful information and helpful resources on the subject of obtaining a military divorce.

Here are some links to sites that might be useful as attempt to gather information about obtaining a divorce in Washington State.  For obvious reasons, we cannot endorse these sites or ensure that the information on them is accurate or relevant to your case.  The simple truth is that there is no substiute for speaking with and experienced and knowledgeable military divorce and family law attorney.

Although the ads on this site are a bit annoying, it actual provides some useful articles on a number of topics that are frequently related to divorcing a military spouse and service member.  For o

Military Divorce and Separation Issues

The ads on this site are frustrating too.  But, it does provide some useful instruction with regards to basic of seeking and obtaining a military divorce.  It also provide some useful links to additional information.

Understanding Divorce in the Military

We hope that you have found the information on this page helpful about obtaining a military divorce while stationed in Washington State.