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Basic Allowance for Housing or “BAH” directly affects and impacts many parts of your military divorce here in Washington State.  Your or your spouse's BAH is largely determined by where you are stationed.  This is because all Basic Housing Allowances calculations are based on geographic location.

Our Washington State military divorce lawyers understand that importance of ensuring that your BAH calculation is correct and accurate.  We can also help you understand how your BAH calculation affects other areas of your divorce or family law case.  There are a number of variables at play in every BAH computation.  Our family law attorneys will help you to fully understand all of your legal rights and obligations on this critical issue.

BAH is an important factor in determining support as well as debt and property division in any military divorce.

A military divorce can be confusing and frustrating for you and your family. The issues in a military divorce can go beyond those of a civilian divorce making the process even more daunting. Issues common to any divorce can revolve around one or both of the parties’ incomes. When one or both spouses are military, Base Allowance for Housing or “BAH” is an important factor. Your BAH or the BAH your spouse receives during and after the divorce will impact the calculation or support and division of assets and debts. Our military family law attorneys understand BAH and have represented military clients in countless cases in which BAH was a factor. You want an attorney that you can trust to give you the facts about BAH and take the guess work out your divorce.

The court will consider BAH part if income so it is important to know what the correct amount of the allowance will be during and after the divorce.

The Court will consider BAH as income. That allowance received by the military spouse will be used to calculate child support, spousal maintenance, division of assets and debts and even attorney fees. Your BAH may change after the divorce and you want counsel who will make sure that is considered. You or your spouse’s class and rank may be such that after the divorce you or your spouse is required to move back into base housing. You or your spouse may receive a “differential” instead of full BAH.

This “differential” allowance is a much reduced sum from full BAH. After the divorce you or your spouse may be assigned to a different base. BAH is based on geographic location. Our attorneys are aware of the factors which affect BAH and will make sure all those factors are considered. If BAH is not calculated correctly as part of the final orders, it could cause serious financial consequences to both parties. Our military divorce attorneys will guide you so that you can accurately make difficult financial decisions in your military divorce.

Divorce is a complicated matter and a military divorce can be even more complicated. Our military family law attorney can help you work through the confusion and make informed decisions about all aspects of your divorce. Our firm offers a 10% discount on fees for military personnel and their spouses so call today and make an appointment to talk with one of our family law military attorneys!